When training with Tommy Hulihan Basketball, players gain confidence while improving their technique, acquiring the skills necessary to perform!

In basketball, skill development is the great equalizer - as any professional athlete will tell you, talent will get you started, but dedication will get you far. Any player who has strong fundamentals can compete with bigger, stronger and more athletic players. Proper fundamentals are the building blocks that allow athletes to excel at the highest levels of sport.


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Tommy Hulihan training programs focus on basketball’s basic fundamentals: passing, catching, ball handling, shooting and footwork. Our programs are inclusive for all ages and skill levels and our trainers will evaluate each player, determining how we can best help them improve and enjoy their time on the court. While we are drilling, the structure is fun-based, competitive and constantly progressing, allowing athletes to fall in love with the sport as they see their skills improve. We give special attention to improve shooting and increase control and accuracy with the ball.



Unless otherwise noted, all Basketball Lessons, Trainings, Sports Camps and Basketball League events are held in St. Paul’s School Gym.

St. Paul’s School Gym 212 5th Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250