Tommy Hulihan

A Legacy Of Success

Our director of sports camps, Beaches Basketball League and Tommy Hulihan Basketball, Coach Tommy Hulihan has experience in athletic development and athletic program design. He has coached thousands of athletes in his career, making connections with his athletes, providing motivation and sharing his passion for sport. Coach Hulihan is beginning his 24th - nearly a quarter-century of experience! - year at St. Paul’s Catholic School. He is the physical education teacher, Athletic Director and Head Coach of both the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams.


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a specialist in player development

Coach Hulihan is a specialist in player development, and works closely each athlete while building a supportive, motivating and championship team mindset. He has trained hundreds of jr. high, high school and college basketball players in the last 20 years, helping them reach their athletic goals. He regularly trains top players in the state, providing individual, small group and team training. Coach Hulihan’s specialties are precision shooting and ball handling.

Coach Hulihan has also coached at the varsity level -

  • Fletcher Senior High School, Assistant Coach under Bob Rhodin (1990-1993).

  • Providence High School, Assistant Coach with Jim Martin (2001-2006).

Early Life & Training

His passion for basketball and legacy for success began with his personal career, when Coach Hulihan played for Coach Joe Pichardo (Bishop Kenny High School) and Coach Ed Lange (Fletcher Senior High School). At Fletcher Senior High School, Coach Hulihan set school records for:

  • Most Assists in a game: (19)

  • Highest Free Throw percentage in a season: (89%).

  • All-Conference and All-City Selection averaging 22 points and 6 assists per game his Senior Year.

  • Inducted into the Fletcher Basketball Hall of Fame

Upon graduation, Coach Hulihan was awarded scholarships to Lake City Community College and Florida Community College in Jacksonville, FL.

When Coach Hulihan isn’t busy training players, hosting camps or managing basketball leagues, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelly, and his two boys, Thomas and Mack.


Unless otherwise noted, all Basketball Lessons, Trainings, Sports Camps and Basketball League events are held in St. Paul’s School Gym.

St. Paul’s School Gym 212 5th Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250